Advanced Water Metering Infrastructure

The City of Fountain Valley Water Department’s goal is to provide our customers with a reliable source of high quality water at a reasonable cost for public health, sanitation and fire protection purposes through continual evaluations of utility assets, effective preventative maintenance programs and efficient daily operations.
Fountain Valley Water Make Every Drop Count
New Technology
As part of this ongoing commitment to Fountain Valley customers, the City of Fountain Valley Water Department has transitioned from a manual water meter reading system to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System that provides automatic meter reading capabilities and more accurate and responsive water consumption information to assist the City and customers in managing water use efficiency.
Sensus iPERL Composite Meters
The Sensus iPERL water meter provides technologically unprecedented low flow accuracy with high flow durability. Innovative magnetic technology allows for the capture of previously unmeasured low flows. With no moving parts, the iPERL requires no additional maintenance and is resistant to wear, retaining its accuracy over a 20-year lifetime.
Sensus Unit
Multiple Sensus Units

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Benefits

  • Provides highly accurate data collection which decreases the possibility of incorrect meter readings.
  • Allows staff to provide customers with timely information on water usage and cost.
  • Identifies water leaks in a timely manner, reducing wasted water and helping to prevent water bill increases due to leaks.
  • Reads meters multiple times a day, instead of once every other month.
  • Allows customer service representatives to initiate new accounts, close existing accounts and address billing questions far more quickly and efficiently.
  • Transmits information from water meters using low-power radio signals without staff having to open meter boxes or step onto a customer's property.
  • Provides an online Water Customer Portal so customers can monitor and manage their water usage.