Plan Submittal Requirements

First Plan Submittal Checklist (Offsite Only)

  1. Initial plan check fee determined by staff
  2. Civil off-site improvement plan set must be signed and stamped by a registered civil engineer
  3. Landscape plan set must be signed and stamped by a licensed landscape architect
  4. Plans must be on a 24 inch by 36 inch sized sheet
  5. Improvement plans must include the following:
    • Be prepared to scale using engineering scales (i.e. 1 inch = 40 feet, 1 inch = 20 feet)
    • Standard general notes for, water, sewer, and special provisions as specified per City’s Public Works Department
    • Vicinity map
    • City Engineer’s signature block (as applicable)
    • Director of Public Works and Planning Director’s signature block (PDF) required for landscape plan set only
    • Benchmark
    • Dedication and/or quitclaim of easement (PDF) documentation
    • Location of all existing and proposed utilities
    • Set back dimensions
    • Property lines
    • Identify legal tract number, lot number, precise plan number or conditional use permit number
  6. Legal Tract Map (if required)
  7. NPDES Compliance
    • Best Management Practices measures (for common industrial activities that may pollute storm water)
    • PCC slab, canopy, fossil filters (service stations only)
  8. Erosion Control Contingent Plan (required if construction occurs between October through April)
  9. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, larger projects, such as the development of Tracts, must also include the following:
    • 2 copies of the most current title report
    • 2 copies of the soils report
    • Standard general notes for grading as specified per City’s Public Works Department
    • City Engineer’s signature block
    • Earthwork quantities
    • Owner / developer, civil and soil engineer’s name, address, and telephone number
    • Horizontal dimensions, existing and proposed grades, details, etc.
    • Grading, sewer, water, and drainage information; profiles if necessary, scale, construction notes, existing information appropriate to plans-(easements, underground service utilities, hardscape, landscape), etc.
Any questions regarding these or other requirements may be directed to the Public Works Department by calling 714-593-4433.