Turf Removal

A recent 2013 Water Use Master Plan (PDF) completed by the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) found that the average Orange County household uses almost 50% of its daily water consumption on outdoor uses. As the largest amount of water tends to be used on irrigating turf grass, replacing the turf with California friendly plants or artificial turf is a smart way to save water. 

What You Need to Know Before Removing Your Turf

Turf Removal Rebates

Turf removal rebates may be available to Fountain Valley residents and businesses through the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) based on funding. Please visit www.mwdoc.com/turf to find out about the availability of turf removal rebates, program details and how to apply.
To be eligible for the turf removal rebate program, applicants must NOT remove their existing turf until they have had a pre-inspection and received a "Letter to Proceed" from MWDOC. Projects that are started prior to receiving their pre-inspection and Letter to Proceed will not be funded.
Turf Removal Program

Residential Landscape Requirements

Fountain Valley Municipal Code Chapter 21.20 (Landscaping) establishes landscape standards to reduce the effects of urbanization on the environment and provide for a harmonious urban setting. If you are considering replacing your existing turf with drought-tolerant landscaping or artificial turf, please click on "Thinking about changing your grass to drought-tolerant landscaping?" to familiarize yourself with the City's landscape requirements. For additional information or questions, please visit the Planning counter in City Hall or call the Planning Department at 714-593-4425.

Residential Parkway Landscaping Requirements

The term "parkway" refers to the area between the curb and the sidewalk that is typically landscaped. The parkway is part of the public right-of-way which means that it is subject to special restrictions that ensure public access and safety. To make sure that these restrictions are followed, the City of Fountain Valley requires that residents get an encroachment permit before starting work in the parkway. (Important Note: The City Council has voted to waive the encroachment permit fee for parkway improvements related to water conservation during the drought.)  If you are planning on making landscape improvements in the parkway, please click on Residential Parkway Landscaping for a helpful brochure that covers what you need to know before getting started, how to get an encroachment permit, parkway trees and plant materials. For additional information or questions, please visit the Public Works counter in City Hall or call the Public Works Department at 714-593-4433.