Recreation Vehicle and Trailer Parking Permits


A Recreational Vehicle (RV) parking permit is required prior to parking an RV on any City street.  An RV parking permit is valid for 36 hours from time of issuance and no more than 8 permits may be obtained each month. 
Initially you must come to the Police Department (Mon-Sat, 7am-5:30pm) to complete a registration form. You will need to bring your valid driver’s license and RV registration in order to register. This initial information will be stored in our Parking Database.  After registering your RV you may obtain a valid permit by calling the Police Department. No decal, sticker or other physical form of a permit need be displayed on your RV.

You may obtain two 36 hour permits per call,  with a maximum of 8 per month. In no event may you park your RV in excess of 72 hours (10.44.080 FVMC).

Please remember that even if your RV has a current permit on file, it is not exempt from street sweeping (10.44.076 FVMC).

FVMC 10.44.265 (Fountain Valley Municipal Code)
PARKING OF CERTAIN VEHICLES PROHIBITED: (a) No person shall stop, stand or park any recreational vehicle (as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18010 or successor statute) in excess of twenty-two feet in length, a width of eighty-four inches (excluding mirrors) or ten thousand pounds in weight on any street in the city having a width of forty feet or less, curb to curb, or cul-de-sac thereof. The registered owner of the vehicle or other person having control of the vehicle shall also be guilty of the offense if aware that the vehicle had been so parked and the person parking had the express or implied permission to operate the vehicle.

(b) Notwithstanding the above, parking of recreational vehicles, as defined in (a) above, shall be allowed for the purposes of loading or unloading or other appropriate short term use provided that one of the following permits have been issued in advance by the police department:

(1) A permit for loading, unloading, or other appropriate short term use for a thirty-six hour period, providing no more than eight such periods are allowed in a calendar month. Such parking shall be limited to the area in front of the residence from which the loading or unloading will occur, or in reasonable proximity thereto if the front of the residence is not available for parking, or

(2) A permit for visitor parking for a period of twenty-four hours, providing no more than three such periods are allowed per month per residence. Such permits may only be issued to persons visiting a resident within the city and such visitor must provide proof that the driver of the recreational vehicle resides outside the city. Such parking shall be limited to the area in front of the host residence, or in reasonable proximity thereto if the front of the hosting residence is not available for parking.

(3) A permit may be granted if any person proves that a medical necessity requires street parking.

                                                Please call the Fountain Valley Police Department
                                                                 if you have further questions.