Commercial Vehicle Parking Ordinance

Commercial Truck

10.44.250 FVMC- No Parking of Commercial and Other Large Vehicles on City Streets 

   ·  (a) Prohibition. No persons shall stop, stand or park any vehicle in excess of 84 inches width (excluding mirrors), or in excess of 22 feet in length or in excess of 10,000 pounds in weight on any city street. 

   ·  (b) Exception - loading or unloading. The prohibition does not apply when a vehicle is making a delivery or pick up of   goods, when moving items to or from a location or when construction activities are occurring.

   ·  (c) Exception - Public transportation and passenger buses.

   ·  (d) Exception - Emergency services vehicles.

   ·  (e) Exception – Police permit parking as authorized in the FVMC.


Fountain Valley Police Department