P.R.E.P. Program


Welcome to the P.R.E.P. Program, which stands for (Preventing, Responding, Educating, and Preparing): The goal of the P.R.E.P Program is to ensure the health and wellness of Fountain Valley fire personnel as well as educate the community on risk reduction. We are dedicated to promoting safety and vigilance through educational programs, firefighter’s health/wellness programs, and outreach to the community through activities such as Smoke Alarm Outreach, CPR Demonstrations, Drowning Prevention, "Stop-the-Bleed" campaigns and Fall Prevention Programs. 

The Fountain Valley Fire Department’s P.R.E.P. Program (Preventing, Responding, Educating, and Preparing) is dedicated to promoting safety and vigilance through educational programs, firefighter’s health/wellness programs, and outreach to the community.  

Here are some additional details on the programs mentioned above: 

Firefighter Wellness- to increase the safety of emergency responders, and maximize the longevity of emergency service careers. This includes fitness, emotional wellness, and maintaining physical health. Breathing/Relieve Stress Class 

Spark of Love – Each year in late November, fire stations throughout California serve as toy drop-off locations for this charitable event. As residents drop off toys, fire personnel can interact and offer safety information to the community members. We have collected about and donated over 3,000 toys to our community each year.

Kids Jr. Firefighter Academy- Children learn all about the job of a firefighter. The camp includes first aid, rescue practices, water safety, and fitness. The camp encourages teamwork and making new friends.  Kids Jr. Firefighter Academy in usually held in August of each year. 

Support Services and Charitable Outreach- To assist your community that has been affected by fire or disaster.  The P.R.E.P has supported families during the loss of family members,  homes effected by fire and other types of natural disasters. 

Pediatric Patients- provide comfort and memory-making for families during bereavement and end-of-life care.  Handprints for families to take home, as well as provide a teddy bear that holds a recording of their child or sibling's heartbeat.  On holidays and birthdays, gifts are given to pediatric patients that are in the hospital. We have provided Memory making supplies to FVRH, Backpacks with activities inside for children in the hospital during Halloween and Christmas toys to the children in the hospital during the holiday season. 

Community Risk Reduction Programs- provide education, engagement, and resources to benefit our citizens of Fountain Valley, like our Annual Fire Prevention Open House, held every October, Stop the Bleed Kits for Fountain Valley School District school sites,  CPR Demonstrations, Drowning Prevention and Fall Injury Prevention programs. 

You Can Help by Joining Forces with the Fire Department and the Fountain Valley Community Foundation by becoming a sponsor: 

The Fountain Valley City Council authorized the establishment of the Fountain Valley Community Foundation on November 6, 2007. The Foundation offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to make a tax-deductible contribution for the betterment of the Fountain Valley Community. Established on January 28, 2008, the Community Foundation will serve the needs of the community, enhancing community life, and activities. To donate and request more information, please visit  www.fvcommunityfoundation.org 

P.R.E.P Program Brochure

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