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1. What do I need if I am constructing a new building?
2. What forms do I need before I start a new business?
3. How do I modify an existing conditional use permit?
4. How do I apply for a sign permit?
5. How do I apply for a temporary use permit (parking lot sale, seasonal sale)?
6. How do I apply to build a new housing development?
7. What if I am building a block wall?
8. I want to build a garage, gazebo, or other simple structure. Where can I find information on the building requirements?
9. What do I need if I want to build a pool, spa, or pond?
10. What are the requirements if I want to install a new air conditioner or pool and spa equipment?
11. I want to add a second unit to my single-family lot. What are the construction requirements?
12. I want to landscape my front yard. What are the building requirements?
13. Do I need a building permit for a home improvement?
14. Who do I call about a code enforcement issue or complaint?
15. How is a property registered?