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1. Can I pay my parking ticket online?
2. Can I view traffic accident reports online?
3. Do you sign-off on fix-it tickets? If so, is there a specific time or location?
4. How do I get a permit to park on a street that has suddenly posted permit parking only (code 220507)?
5. I have corrected a citation for expired registration and need the citation signed off on. Can I just stop by the Fountain Valley Police Station and have an officer sign off on the citation?
6. I sent in payment for a traffic ticket, but it has not cleared. How can I confirm payment was received?
7. My car was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist. What recourse do we have other than small claims court? Can we file a report and have her investigated for insurance fraud?
8. My vehicle was towed by the Fountain Valley Police Department (FVPD). How do I get it back?
9. On what days during the year will residents not be ticketed for street sweeping?