Where can I find out if we need a permit for our home alarm?
A permit is required in Fountain Valley for an alarm system. Please visit our alarm permit page

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1. Where is the Fountain Valley Police Department located?
2. I'm being pulled over by the police. What do I do now?
3. I collect police patches. Does FVPD trade or send out patches?
4. What are your hours and how can I contact you?
5. Where can I find out if we need a permit for our home alarm?
6. I need 2 signed, stamped, and sealed original police reports/background check/letters of good conduct. How do I obtain these forms? What are the fees? How long would it take?
7. Who do I need to contact to have an extra-patrol request for juveniles drinking alcohol in a neighborhood street?
8. How do I join Police Explorers?
9. How can I join the police department?
10. Can I view police reports online?
11. I need to be fingerprinted for pre-employment screening. Do you do fingerprinting?
12. I was wondering if there is any information on impounded cars for sale/auction. I've seen so many false adds I was wondering if you have any information?
13. When are bicycle licenses issued?
14. I would like to find out crime history for a specific house address. What department should I go to for information?
15. How do I pay my parking ticket?
16. How do I get involved in Neighborhood Watch?