What documents do I need to submit with my application?

The City of Fountain Valley Home Improvement Program require that the applicant(s) and all household members submit the following documents:

  • Income verification such as employment pay stubs, year-to-date profit and loss statement, Social Security Award Letter, Retirement Benefit Statement, Cash Aid Award Letters, and Federal and State Income Tax Returns.
  • Asset Verification such as checking and savings account statements, current Brokerage account statements, IRA statements, and Certificate of Deposits.
  • Property ownership Verification such as copies of the Grant Deed, Mortgage Statement, HOA Dues, HELOC, or other financing, Mobile Home Registration and/or Certificate of Title, and verification of mobile home space rent.
  • Current Homeowner’s Insurance Policy (if in a floodplain, must also have flood insurance).
  • Current Utility Bills and Property Tax Bill.

For additional questions regarding the City’s Home Improvement Program application process, please feel free to call staff at (714) 593-4510.

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