What are form-based codes?
A form-based code is an alternative to traditional zoning that regulates property development and land use. A form based code concentrates on the outside appearance of a building. The “form” of the building (architectural elements, size, mass, etc.) is the focus. This way of regulating property development allows for several properties to be developed individually, but ultimately look like they were developed together. This creates cohesion in the Specific Plan area as the buildings are all compatible with each other even though they were developed separately.

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1. What is the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan Project?
2. Will the roadways around the FV Crossings Specific Plan area be impacted by additional traffic if the limited amount of new land uses such as retail and residential are eventually added to the area?
3. Will the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan introduce “Bella Terra style” housing density to the area?
4. Why has the City embarked on the process of creating a proposed FV Crossings Specific Plan?
5. Doesn’t the City value the current businesses in the proposed FV Crossings Specific Plan area?
6. Is it true there will be 700 residential units allowed in the proposed Specific Plan area?
7. Will 20% of the housing units in the proposed Specific Plan area be required to be low income units?
8. What is the impact of the proposed Specific Plan on the City’s budget?
9. Has the City performed any financial analysis of the impacts that the zoning changes would have on the City’s tax revenue if the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan is approved?
10. How is the Specific Plan being funded?
11. Will parking, water supply and demand, sewer capacity, school district capacity be considered?
12. Does the City believe that the Specific Plan will cause changes to occur in the district?
13. Can the City use eminent domain?
14. I understand that there are advantages for property owners if the proposed Specific Plan is adopted, what are the advantages for current residents?
15. Will the Clear Channel Outdoor Electronic Message Center Sign that was proposed on the City’s water tank property be approved as part of the proposed FV Crossings Specific Plan?
16. Height is a concern for future buildings within the proposed FV Crossings Specific Plan area. How will these concerns be accommodated?
17. How will open space be addressed and provided in any new development?
18. How will the City ensure the quality of future projects that may be constructed or rehabilitated?
19. What are form-based codes?
20. How many other cities have form-based codes in place?