Water Quality Guidelines

This guide is intended to explain the water quality issues associated with your permitted lot drain. If you follow the guideline, you will help prevent adverse impacts on our creeks, bays, and ocean.

For more information and to report water quality problems, please call the City of Fountain Valley at 714-593-4441.

Pool Maintenance
All pool water discharged to the curb/gutter or to a permitted pool drain in the rear of your property must meet the following water quality criteria:
  • The residential chlorine does not exceed 0.1 mg/L (parts per million).
  • The pH is between 6.5 and 8.5.
  • The water is free of any unusual coloration.
  • There is no discharge of filter media or acid cleaning wastes.
  • For additional information about obtaining a pool drain permit call 714-593-4441.
Home Repairs
  • Contain all paint, never wash down or pour paint into a gutter or your lot drain.
  • Rinse off cement mixers and cement laden tools in a contained washout area that cannot flow to your lot drain. Allow to dry and then discard with your household trash.
Yard Maintenance
  • Minimize the use of pesticides and fertilizers and don’t apply if it is windy or about to rain.
  • Conserve water by not over watering lawn areas.
  • Always pick up pet waste and dispose of properly.