Prevention & Collection

Orange County cities are required under federal and state law to prohibit the discharge of pollution to the storm drain system. Therefore, wastewater from mobile detailing, pressure washing, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, or similar activities can not be discharged to the storm drain system.
Preventing Pollution
  • Evaluate the products used for cleaning and reduce or eliminate those that contain solvents, heavy metals, high levels of phosphates, or very high/very low pH.
  • Prior to starting, review the area where the cleaning and identify all drains and catch basins where wastewater could enter the storm drain system.
  • Block/seal off drains or catch basins using sand bags, plugs, rubber mats, or temporary berms.
  • Collect all trash and debris from the project area and place in a trash bin for disposal.
  • Sweep all surface areas prior to cleaning to remove suspended solids, soil, and grit.
  • Identify the wastewater disposal option that will be used. Whether you are discharging to landscaping or the sanitary sewer, it is necessary that you meet all the requirements.

Pollution Runoff Diagram