Air Pollution

Help Reduce Air Pollution!

Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has two annual programs that help clean the air through the exchange of lawn and garden equipment:

Lawn Mower Exchange Program

Residents can turn in an old, operable gasoline-powered lawn mower and purchase a new cordless electric lawn mower that produces zero emissions at reduced cost.

For complete details about this program, click on the link below to view the flyer or visit the SCAQMD website.

Leaf Blower Exchange Program

In the summer or fall, commercial landscapers and gardeners operating in the South Coast Air Basin can exchange old, noisy, high-polluting backpack leaf blowers for new backpack blowers that have significantly reduced emission and noise levels.

An older gas-powered lawn mower can spew more pollution into the air in a single year than a car driven more than 22,000 miles. All the gas mowers and leaf blowers that are turned in for these programs are scrapped and the metal recycled. To date, SCAQMD has scrapped more than 55,000 highly polluting gasoline mowers, removing almost 114 tons of smog-forming pollutants from the Southland's air. Similarly, the total number of old, polluting leaf blowers that have been scrapped exceeds 10,000.

For complete details about this program, visit the SCAQMD website.