Crossings Rebranding Project


Are you a real estate professional, developer, chamber of commerce member, or consumer who spends time at The Crossings? Join our virtual discussions!

The City of Fountain Valley’s leadership would like to rename and rebrand this area to attract thriving businesses, investors, retailers, and consumers. Once the Crossings is repositioned and reimagined, it could generate substantial tax earnings for the City and nearby residents due to its sheer size alone.

The City of Fountain Valley seeks input from Real Estate Professionals, Developers, Chamber of Commerce Businesses @FVchamber, and Consumers who spend time at the Crossings.   We’re in the process of rebranding the Crossings and hosting a series of virtual small group discussions to brainstorm how we reimagine mixed-use developments.  

Please join us and RSVP today by contacting Matt Jenkins at (714) 593-4427 or emailing

If you’re unable to attend a small group discussion, we’ve placed a short online survey for those interested in sharing their opinions. Take the survey today! 

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Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan (FVCSP)

On January 23, 2018, the Fountain Valley City Council adopted the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan (FVCSP), which contains the development regulations for the Crossing Specific Plan area generally located south of Talbert Avenue, north of Ellis Avenue, east of Ward Street, and west of the Santa Ana River.

The purpose of the FVCSP is to create a policy and zoning framework that will allow for additional land-use flexibility. The FVCSP area consists of the approximate 162-acres of light industrial/commercial uses in the southeastern portion of the City.

Crossings area