Outfront Media, LLC Billboard Project

As part of the City’s plan to attain fiscal sustainability, the City is exploring an Electronic Messaging Center (EMC) as a method to generate revenue. The project proposed would entail the construction of a 65 foot tall pole sign structure located at 10955 Ellis Avenue. 

An Envirimageonmental Impact Report (EIR) was approved previously for the project as part of a prior version of an EMC, which included Findings of Fact and Statement of Overriding Consideration and the Mitigation Monitoring Program. The proposed sign is also within Caltrans non-landscape area and located along the 405 Freeway. The City is considering the establishment of an agreement with a qualified firm to construct and operate an EMC for fifteen (15) years with an option for three (3), five (5)-year extensions at the City’s sole and absolute discretion.

The approval of the lease agreement with the qualified firm (Outfront Media LLC) will be considered by the City Council at their regularly scheduled meeting of May 3, 2022. 

Notice of City Council Meeting

RFP on October 15, 2022
RFP on January 7, 2022
Outfront Media, LLC Proposal
Lease Agreement
Outfront Media, LLC Updated Proposal

Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
Final EIR Cover
Table of Contents
Title Page
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Response to Comments
Chapter 3: Errata
Chapter 4 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Chapter 5: Findings and Statements Required under the CEQA