Records Bureau


The Fountain Valley Police Department Records Bureau consists of 3 full time Records Specialists and 1-part time Records Specialist who work to perform police-related records management duties while providing support to both sworn and civilian personnel, as well as the citizens of Fountain Valley.


The Records Bureau is an integral part of the Police Department working closely with:

  • Detectives
  • Dispatch
  • Patrol Officers
  • Police Services Officers
  • Property and Evidence Technicians
  • Traffic

The Records Bureau Responsibilities:

  • Crime Statistics
  • Criminal Citations
  • Process Arrest Reports (for court)
  • Process Parking Citations
  • Public assistance in person, by telephone, or via email.
  • Public Records requests (for police records)
  • Records Sealing
  • Sex Registrant Files
  • Subpoena management
  • Traffic Collision reports

Phone Assistance 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday: 714-593-4485

Public Counter Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

Sex, Gang, Arson Registration by Appointment Only Call 714-593-4485


Service Fees

Clearance Letter  $11.00

Police Reports  $12.00

Subpoenas  $15.00


Who can request a copy of a police report?

Copies of police reports may be requested by authorized parties of interest including:

  • A victim or named witness of a crime
  • Party or registered owner of a vehicle involved in a traffic collision   
  • Parent or guardian of a juvenile
  • Authorized representative of the victim of crime
  • The insurance carrier against whom claim has been made or may be made
  • Person who suffered bodily injury or property damage as a result of an incident

How do I request a copy of a police report?

If you were arrested by Fountain Valley Police Department, you can obtain a copy of the arrest report only after your case has been adjudicated. Prior to adjudication, you must contact the District Attorney’s Office for a copy. If you do not fall into the previous category and still need to request a police report Call 714-593-4485

How can I obtain a copy of a juvenile arrest record?

Orange County Juvenile Court limits access to juvenile court records in accordance with T.N.G. v Superior Court (1971) 4 C3d 767, 94 CR 813, and Welfare and Institution Code Section 827. Certain reports may be obtained at the Police Department if you are the minor or parents/guardian of the juvenile. If we are unable to release the report, you may obtain the form from the Juvenile Court, 341 City Drive, P.O. Box 14169, Orange, CA 92613, (714) 935-7000.

How do I request a copy of a traffic collision report?

Go to 

How do I obtain a “clearance letter” to show that I do not have a criminal record?

California Penal Code Section 13300(c)(8) enables a person to request a record clearance or “Letter of Good Conduct” for VISA, foreign travel, immigration and foreign adoption purposes. You must be a resident or at one time resided in the City of Fountain Valley. You may come to the front counter at the Police Department and present a valid form of photo identification (Driver’s License, California Identification, or a passport with a fairly recent photo). A record check of our computer system will be conducted to determine if you have been arrested by our Police Department.

How do I serve a civil subpoena for police records?

Civil subpoenas are served to the “Custodian of Records” during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Civil subpoenas for police records only may be served for an established court hearing.  Typical police records include arrest reports, traffic collisions reports, calls for service or event logs, photographs, 911, dispatch audio recordings and body worn cameras video, may be served for an established court hearing.   

• All civil subpoenas must include the $15 initial processing fee by law per Civil Code.

• All civil subpoenas must be served with a minimum 15 days of the court hearing and must be stamped by the court.

• Civil subpoenas are responded and sent directly to the court of hearing and address to the CLERK OF THE COURT

*Any subpoenas for city records are still served through the city clerk’s office as standard practice.